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Town House for sale in Humilladero

  • Humilladero property: Townhome for sale in Humilladero 283594
  • Humilladero property: Townhome for sale in Humilladero, Spain 283594
  • Humilladero property: Townhome with 3 bedroom in Humilladero 283594
  • Humilladero property: Townhome with 3 bedroom in Humilladero, Spain 283594
  • Humilladero property: Townhome for sale in Humilladero, Malaga 283594
  • Humilladero property: Townhome in Malaga for sale 283594
  • Humilladero property: Malaga property | 3 bedroom Townhome 283594
  • Humilladero property: Humilladero, Spain | Townhome for sale 283594
  • Humilladero property: Malaga Townhome 283594
  • Humilladero property: Humilladero Townhome 283594
Humilladero property: Malaga, Spain Townhome 283594
Humilladero property: Humilladero, Spain Townhome 283594
Humilladero property: 3 bedroom Townhome in Humilladero, Spain 283594
Humilladero property: 3 bedroom Townhome in Malaga 283594
Humilladero property:  Townhome in Malaga 283594

Humilladero property: Townhome in Humilladero 283594
Humilladero property: Humilladero Townhome, Spain 283594
Humilladero property: Malaga Townhome, Spain 283594
Humilladero property: Beautiful Townhome for sale in Humilladero 283594
Humilladero property: Beautiful Townhome for sale in Malaga 283594

This is a large townhouse located on the outskirts of the popular village of Humilladero close to all the local amenities shops and bars and only a short drive from the historical town of Antequera. Inside the property offers 3 bedrooms , a spacious living room a full bathroom and fitted kitchen. The property is in need of some moderninsing but is priced to sell.

Townhome for sale in Humilladero, Spain;

Townhome with 3 bedroom in Humilladero

€ 53,950

Ref: TH2993

3 beds

1 bath

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