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Town House for sale in Frailes

  • Frailes property: Townhome for sale in Frailes 283590
  • Frailes property: Townhome for sale in Frailes, Spain 283590
  • Frailes property: Townhome with 3 bedroom in Frailes 283590
  • Frailes property: Townhome with 3 bedroom in Frailes, Spain 283590
  • Frailes property: Townhome for sale in Frailes, Jaen 283590
  • Frailes property: Townhome in Jaen for sale 283590
  • Frailes property: Jaen property | 3 bedroom Townhome 283590
  • Frailes property: Frailes, Spain | Townhome for sale 283590
  • Frailes property: Jaen Townhome 283590
Frailes property: Jaen, Spain Townhome 283590
Frailes property: Frailes, Spain Townhome 283590
Frailes property: 3 bedroom Townhome in Frailes, Spain 283590
Frailes property: 3 bedroom Townhome in Jaen 283590
Frailes property:  Townhome in Jaen 283590

Frailes property: Townhome in Frailes 283590
Frailes property: Frailes Townhome, Spain 283590
Frailes property: Jaen Townhome, Spain 283590
Frailes property: Beautiful Townhome for sale in Frailes 283590

If you are looking for a fantastic investment then look no further. Located in the picturesque village of Frailes two adjoining properties for sale. Both needing a total reform but will make great investment properties or one large family home. Also includes 15 m2 of garden accross the road from the property. They are situated close to all shops and bars. This is truly a great buy at a very low price . Book your viewing today!

Townhome for sale in Frailes, Spain;

Townhome with 3 bedroom in Frailes

€ 10,000

Ref: TH3368

3 beds

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