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Country House for sale in Loja

  • Loja property: House for sale in Loja 37990
  • Loja property: House for sale in Loja, Spain 37990
  • Loja property: House with 5 bedroom in Loja 37990
  • Loja property: House with 5 bedroom in Loja, Spain 37990
  • Loja property: House for sale in Loja, Granada 37990
  • Loja property: House in Granada for sale 37990
  • Loja property: Granada property | 5 bedroom House 37990
  • Loja property: Loja, Spain | House for sale 37990
  • Loja property: Granada House 37990
  • Loja property: Loja House 37990
Loja property: Granada, Spain House 37990
Loja property: Loja, Spain House 37990
Loja property: 5 bedroom House in Loja, Spain 37990
Loja property: 5 bedroom House in Granada 37990
Loja property:  House in Granada 37990

Loja property: House in Loja 37990
Loja property: Loja House, Spain 37990
Loja property: Granada House, Spain 37990
Loja property: Beautiful House for sale in Loja 37990
Loja property: Beautiful House for sale in Granada 37990

A fantastic opportunity. All the hard work in renovating this property has been done by the developer. All that remains is to install electrics and fit windows and doors. This is an extremely well thought out renovation with large rooms, almost all with lake views, and a terrific roof terrace into which a swimming pool has been incorporated.   

House for sale in Loja, Spain;

House with 5 bedroom in Loja

€ 98,000

Ref: 2050

5 beds

2 bath


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