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Country House for sale in Iznajar

  • Iznajar property: House for sale in Iznajar 52433
  • Iznajar property: House for sale in Iznajar, Spain 52433
  • Iznajar property: House with 3 bedroom in Iznajar 52433
  • Iznajar property: House with 3 bedroom in Iznajar, Spain 52433
  • Iznajar property: House for sale in Iznajar, Cordoba 52433
  • Iznajar property: House in Cordoba for sale 52433
  • Iznajar property: Cordoba property | 3 bedroom House 52433
  • Iznajar property: Iznajar, Spain | House for sale 52433
  • Iznajar property: Cordoba House 52433
  • Iznajar property: Iznajar House 52433
Iznajar property: Cordoba, Spain House 52433
Iznajar property: Iznajar, Spain House 52433
Iznajar property: 3 bedroom House in Iznajar, Spain 52433
Iznajar property: 3 bedroom House in Cordoba 52433
Iznajar property:  House in Cordoba 52433

Iznajar property: House in Iznajar 52433
Iznajar property: Iznajar House, Spain 52433
Iznajar property: Cordoba House, Spain 52433
Iznajar property: Beautiful House for sale in Iznajar 52433
Iznajar property: Beautiful House for sale in Cordoba 52433

A recently constructed 3 bedroom property with the most spectacular views. Perched high on a hillside it looks out over the lake of Iznajar to the mountains beyond. Three towns and villages can be seen in the distance. Set in 20.000 m2 of sloping land, almost all of it planted to almond trees.  

House for sale in Iznajar, Spain;

House with 3 bedroom in Iznajar

€ 207,000

Ref: 2055

3 beds

2 bath


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