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Country House for sale in Cadiar

  • Cadiar property: House for sale in Cadiar 38015
  • Cadiar property: House for sale in Cadiar, Spain 38015
  • Cadiar property: House with 3 bedroom in Cadiar 38015
  • Cadiar property: House with 3 bedroom in Cadiar, Spain 38015
  • Cadiar property: House for sale in Cadiar, Granada 38015
  • Cadiar property: House in Granada for sale 38015
  • Cadiar property: Granada property | 3 bedroom House 38015
  • Cadiar property: Cadiar, Spain | House for sale 38015
  • Cadiar property: Granada House 38015
  • Cadiar property: Cadiar House 38015
Cadiar property: Granada, Spain House 38015
Cadiar property: Cadiar, Spain House 38015
Cadiar property: 3 bedroom House in Cadiar, Spain 38015
Cadiar property: 3 bedroom House in Granada 38015
Cadiar property:  House in Granada 38015

Cadiar property: House in Cadiar 38015
Cadiar property: Cadiar House, Spain 38015
Cadiar property: Granada House, Spain 38015
Cadiar property: Beautiful House for sale in Cadiar 38015
Cadiar property: Beautiful House for sale in Granada 38015

This vast cortijo which sits in 60.000 m2 of land, part of which is planted to grape vines, was formerly used to make wine and still retains the wine making equipment. There is a main house, which is renovated, a separate area which could be converted into an apartment to let and a totally separate building which serves as stables, the upper storey of which could also serve for commercial use.  

House for sale in Cadiar, Spain;

House with 3 bedroom in Cadiar

€ 350,000

Ref: 2913

3 beds

1 bath


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