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Cortijo for sale in Loja

  • Loja property: Farmhouse for sale in Loja 52440
  • Loja property: Farmhouse for sale in Loja, Spain 52440
  • Loja property: Farmhouse with 5 bedroom in Loja 52440
  • Loja property: Farmhouse with 5 bedroom in Loja, Spain 52440
  • Loja property: Farmhouse for sale in Loja, Granada 52440
  • Loja property: Farmhouse in Granada for sale 52440
  • Loja property: Granada property | 5 bedroom Farmhouse 52440
  • Loja property: Loja, Spain | Farmhouse for sale 52440
  • Loja property: Granada Farmhouse 52440
  • Loja property: Loja Farmhouse 52440
Loja property: Granada, Spain Farmhouse 52440
Loja property: Loja, Spain Farmhouse 52440
Loja property: 5 bedroom Farmhouse in Loja, Spain 52440
Loja property: 5 bedroom Farmhouse in Granada 52440
Loja property:  Farmhouse in Granada 52440

Loja property: Farmhouse in Loja 52440
Loja property: Loja Farmhouse, Spain 52440
Loja property: Granada Farmhouse, Spain 52440
Loja property: Beautiful Farmhouse for sale in Loja 52440
Loja property: Beautiful Farmhouse for sale in Granada 52440

This large country property, which needs full modernisation, comes with approximately 18.000 m2 of mainly flat land, irrigated by an acequia, on which are planted olives, figs, various other fruit trees and a huerta (vegetable plot). Set in a fabulous landscape, a place of utter peace, only the sounds of a fast-running stream interrupt the birdsong.   

Farmhouse for sale in Loja, Spain;

Farmhouse with 5 bedroom in Loja

€ 99,000

Ref: 2086

5 beds


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