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Cortijo for sale in Iznajar

  • Iznajar property: Farmhouse for sale in Iznajar 52498
  • Iznajar property: Farmhouse for sale in Iznajar, Spain 52498
  • Iznajar property: Farmhouse with 3 bedroom in Iznajar 52498
  • Iznajar property: Farmhouse with 3 bedroom in Iznajar, Spain 52498
  • Iznajar property: Farmhouse for sale in Iznajar, Cordoba 52498
  • Iznajar property: Farmhouse in Cordoba for sale 52498
  • Iznajar property: Cordoba property | 3 bedroom Farmhouse 52498
  • Iznajar property: Iznajar, Spain | Farmhouse for sale 52498
  • Iznajar property: Cordoba Farmhouse 52498
  • Iznajar property: Iznajar Farmhouse 52498
Iznajar property: Cordoba, Spain Farmhouse 52498
Iznajar property: Iznajar, Spain Farmhouse 52498
Iznajar property: 3 bedroom Farmhouse in Iznajar, Spain 52498
Iznajar property: 3 bedroom Farmhouse in Cordoba 52498
Iznajar property:  Farmhouse in Cordoba 52498

Iznajar property: Farmhouse in Iznajar 52498
Iznajar property: Iznajar Farmhouse, Spain 52498
Iznajar property: Cordoba Farmhouse, Spain 52498
Iznajar property: Beautiful Farmhouse for sale in Iznajar 52498
Iznajar property: Beautiful Farmhouse for sale in Cordoba 52498

Beautifully finished country home sitting above a small river. The house is ready to move into and is even sold with most of the furniture. Just bring your personal possesiions to start a new life in the country.

Farmhouse for sale in Iznajar, Spain;

Farmhouse with 3 bedroom in Iznajar

€ 239,000

Ref: 2129

3 beds

2 bath


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