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Cuevas Spain

* We offer a wide choice in Cave Houses, Holidayhomes, Land, Renovation projects, Farm houses, Cortijos, Fincas and Town Houses in the regions: Altiplano de Granada  (Granada), Los Velez (Almeria and Murcia). No fee for clients on a sale.

*Advice and guidance on buying and selling property
we cooperate with the legal service of your choice, and we can translate at the notary if needed (if a lawyer does not speak your lenguage). lawyers from this  region.

*Customer Service has an excellent customer service for their clients. We help with the paperwork, legal matters, Nie number and the notary and we can provide lots of extra services.

*Hassle-free account management, always with legal assistance. You can bring your own lawyer or we can recommend someone speaking your language. No downpayment untill paperwork is checked by a lawyer.

*Full escritura at the notary. (Full public deeds)
*If a property has private contracts only, we can find out if it will be possible to get an escritura (Public deeds) on the property and bring it into the Spanish legal system for registration and cadastre. Free for our clients. 650 euro fee + the registration costs for anyone else who wants help with a registration.

* Nie number
You will need a NIE number to buy in spain. We can assist you in obtaining a NIE number. Free for our clients. 150 euro for anyone else who wants help with a NIE number.

If you want to insure your property or an other insurance, we will contact you with a liable well known official insurance company to make a quote. Free for our clients. 50 euro for anyone else who wants help with an insurance.

We can contact you to various well known mortgage brokers in this region. Their service consists of making quotes for the best mortgage for a property by spanish  banks. We do the investigation if a property can apply for a mortgage. Free for our clients. 350 euro for anyone else who wants help with a mortgage.

*Internet connection
We can get you in contact with a provider to connect you to the internet. Costs on demand.

*Building and renovation work
We can contact you to various specialized local professionals, Cave specialists, builders and contractors. For construction and renovation. Water, electric, solar energy, wind energy, building materials etc. Costs on demand.

*Water and electricity
We can get you in contact with a provider to be connected to the mains. Or have a specialist make an offer for alternative energy. Costs on demand.

Cuevas Spain

Huescar, 18830, Spain

Tel: +34 662 111170



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