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Cuevas De Canelobre

  • Caves

A DEEP SURPRISE REPORTAJE DE RADIO 9 SOBRE LAS CUEVAS DE CANELOBRE Busot offers to the visitor the Caves of Canelobre, located to 24 km of Alicante and 40 of Benidorm, 700 M.s of altitude and in the northern skirt of the Cabeçó D'Or The inner aspect of the cave, with one of the highest vaults of Spain, is very similar to the one of a cathedral. Throughout the visit it will be able to admire the diverse and capricious forms that have been taking rocks: candelabra, animals and multitude of spectacular forms. Sometimes, their superb acoustic and environmental conditions take advantage of for spectacles in which music is privileged protagonist. HORARIO DE INVIERNO Del 16 de septiembre al 30 de junio L-V 10:30 a 16:50 S-D-Festivos 10:30 - 17:50 HORARIO DE VERANO Del 1 de julio al 15 de septiembre y Semana Santa 10:30 a 19:30

Cuevas De Canelobre,

CV 773 Busot

+34 965 699250